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Advanced Soap Making

£65.00 (Sold out)

Once you have learned the basics of how to make a batch of cold process soap you may want to extend your skills and learn how to take the craft further.   Our one day Advanced course is designed for students who have participated in our introductory  soap making day or have a good knowledge of making a simple batch of soap.  
The course is limited to 6 people to allow for more attention and for you to be more creative.   We will cover the following:

Formulating recipes using Lye calculators
Increasing batch sizes and calculating recipes for a particular mould
Making your own mould liners
Creative techniques for layering soaps
Colour swirling
Textured Soaps
Blending Balanced scents using perfumery Techniques

You will be able to make the most of our fabulous studio space and our extensive ingredients library.  If you wish to use a specific ingredient please check ahead.

You will come away with 3 batches of soap and an increased knowledge of the craft to further your studies at home.

You will need to bring a large cardboard box (40cm approx.) and ¾ large towels as well as an apron